Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions.

Leasing Questions

Do I need to setup an appointment? Do you take walk-ins?

We believe that finding and renting the perfect apartment should be easy - and because of that, no appointment is necessary to tour our apartment community. However, we encourage you to call ahead and schedule an appointment so we can assist you as soon as you arrive. If you do decide to stop by without an appointment, please arrive no later than one hour prior to closing if you would like to tour the property. Everyone over 18 must have a valid photo ID to tour the property.

Why do your prices have ranges? Why do your prices change daily?

Our pricing incorporates many different elements including the amenities specific to each apartment, the desired move-in date, desired lease term and recent demand and supply statistics. The pricing range you see depends on the lease term you choose. In general, the longer the lease term, the lower the price, although there can be specific exceptions. There are many factors that go into pricing. Most importantly, we consider the quality of the competing communities including age, size of apartments, quantity and quality of apartment features and community amenities and the quality of service provided. We monitor our competitor's pricing and are confident we offer a fair price given all of these differences. When you stop by for a tour we can provide you with price quotes on specific apartments based on these factors. These quotes are good for 48 hours. If you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to ask your Leasing Consultant. We work very hard to be fair to everyone given all of these different influences.

What is the application fee and is it refundable?

The $49 application fee is non-refundable. We have a $149 app/admin non-refundable fee due at time of application.

What utilities are residents responsible for?

Residents are responsible for electric, water, gas, and refuse/trash. Electric service must be set up through the company of your choice. The water, gas, refuse/trash service is a monthly flat fee. Rates are as follows, charges are per occupant. 1: $48 2: $66 3: $84 4: $97

Am I required to have Renter's Insurance?

For the most part we do not require renter's insurance - there are a few exceptions however; please read below for more information on if you are required. We recommend that if you feel it to be necessary, then please obtain on your own.

What school district are you in? What are the schools?

We are in the Clear Creek Public Schools District. The schools are Bay Elementary School, Seabrook Intermediate School, and Clear Falls High School.

Lease and Community Questions

Is my security deposit totally refundable?

Yes, provided the lease agreement has been fulfilled and the apartment is left clean and free of any damages. A 60 day, paid, written notice is also required before move-out. Any final balances due are deducted from the security deposit before being refunded.

When is my rent payment due?

Rent is always due on the first of the month.

What day of the month am I liable for a late charge?

Rent is always due on the first and a $75.00 late charge is assessed on the third (3rd) of the month and a $10.00 charge per day until rent is paid in full.

Is there a place where I can pay my rent after office hours?

We do have a rent drop by the front door of the clubhouse where residents can leave a personal check, cashier's check or money order. We do not under any circumstances accept cash.

Who do I write the rent checks out to?

You can make checks, money orders and cashier's checks payable to Villas By The Bay Apartments. We do not under any circumstances accept cash.

What kind of pets do you allow? How many pets may I have?

Cats and dogs are allowed. We do have a few restrictions on aggressive breed dogs. We have a list of restricted breeds & cannot be mixed with any percentage. If there is any question as to your animal our experienced staff will conduct a "pet interview" with you and your dog. We understand how important your animals are to you and we will do everything we can to accommodate you as long as we feel it is safe. You may have up to (2) pets per apartment.

Are there any deposits, special fees, or monthly charges to have a pet? What are rules regarding pets? A pet deposit is not required.

A $300 non-refundable fee per pet is required. There is also a monthly pet rent of $10 per pet. Pet owners are required to pick up after their pets. To maintain the look and safety of the community, residents who do not pick up after their pets can and will be charged a $50.00 fee. Pets must be on a leash at all times and cannot be left outside on patios or balconies unattended.

If I get a job transfer, can I break the lease?

Yes, if the lease buy-out fee has been paid. The 60 day paid written notice is still required as well. If you need to break your lease for any reason please come in and meet with the Manager to get a total of all the fees required in writing.

How can I refer a friend?

If Villas By The Bay is just your style, chances are your friends will feel just as at home here as you do. Simply have your friend mention you referred them on their first visit to Villas By The Bay. You may also call, email or drop by the leasing office to recommend a friend or learn more about Villas By The Bay resident referral program.

If something needs to be repaired in my apartment, how do I report it?

You may call the office, send an e-mail, or leave a message with the answering service. You may also submit work orders online if you are enrolled in our online services. You will need your resident code in order to do this. Any of the office or leasing staff can assist you with obtaining your code.

There is a person who might be staying with me for a while, is that permitted by the lease?

Yes, if someone is temporarily staying with you for 3 or more days just let the office know. If someone is permanently staying with you, they need to fill out an application and go through the approval process.

I have a motorcycle, where can I park it?

Motorcycles may be parked in any regular parking space. They cannot be parked on patios, on sidewalks, breezeways, or common areas.

I will be moving out. What do I need to do?

Villas By The Bay requires a 60 day written notice, which you are responsible through, prior to move-out. This is required regardless if the lease is ending or you are breaking your lease early. If you need to move-out at the end of your lease term, please remember to come in 60 days prior to the lease expiring to provide your written notice.

My children live with me in the summer; do I need to notify your office when they arrive?

Yes, it is always a good idea to let the office staff knows of any guests that will be here for extended visits.

Do you have cable services?

Yes, we are partners with Comcast and can assist you with getting your cable, internet, and phone services set up at the time you complete the application. Please see a leasing consultant for more details.

Do you allow satellite dishes?

We do allow satellite dishes with prior approval from Villas By The Bay management. There are a few requirements and guidelines for installing the equipment. If you are interested in getting satellite cable service, please stop by the leasing office for specific requirements for your building and location prior to installation. $100 satellite deposit and renter's insurance is required before installation.

Can I grill on property?

Seabrook's City Fire Code states: "It shall be unlawful and a misdemeanor offense for any person to operate any charcoal, electric or gas grill, or any other electric or open flame device, on combustible balconies, or within ten (10) feet of combustible construction." All grills must be placed and used a minimum of 10 feet away from any building or wooden structure. Per the lease agreement, charcoal grills are strictly prohibited. Gas grills are prohibited on all but the first floor. Grills are not allowed to be stored on 2nd floor balconies.

I've lost my apartment and/or mailbox keys. What do I do? What if I want my locks changed?

If you lose your key during business hours, you can come to the office to be let back in your apartment. If you would like the locks completely changed out there is a $50.00 lock change charge for new keys and lock installation which is due before the work is completed. We will need to verify that you are on the lease with a photo ID or by verifying personal information in the file.