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We bring over 203 years of experience to our industry.

At Banyan Equity Management, our dedication extends far beyond a career. Not only do we provide onsite management, we also identify and develop a community’s potential and enhance profitability using proven methods of proper management and experienced industry evaluations and foresight. We have earned an excellent reputation in the industry with a commitment and focus on our customers, residents, and employees.

Shelley Hunt-Nichols

Shelley Hunt-Nichols, a 7th Generation Texan, is proud to act as a President of Banyan Equity Management, LLC. Having attended University of South Florida and the University of Florida, Shelley received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Communications. She paid 100% of her own education expenses which were offset by her scholarship from the American Legion Auxiliary.

Shelley oversees acquisitions, investor relations, financing, and accounting. She also is avidly involved in all sales and marketing functions within the organization- along with staff recruitment and retention.

She started her career in the Temporary staffing business right after college. She worked her way up from sales to management with a Regional staffing company based in Florida. After that, she went to work for a Pre-IPO Company looking for someone to do start-ups in the Southeastern and Southern states. Shelley successfully opened 12 locations in 7 states in 2 years. Their second year the revenue topped $20M.

Shelley became Chief Executive Officer of Professional Alternatives of Texas with offices in Houston, Dallas, and Austin. She opened 13 vertical niche staffing companies. During her time at Professional Alternatives she handled, budgeting, sales, marketing, investor relations and full accountability for the profitability of the $22M enterprise.

Shelley joined Lifestyles Unlimited in 2006. She currently holds a Texas Real Estate Broker license and she sold multi-family properties for Lifestyles in 2008-2010. During her tenure, she sold over $70M in multi-family assets.

She also currently lists local properties for sale and enjoys learning the art of multi-family disposition, in addition to acquisition. She is a Member of the Houston Apartment Association, Texas Apartment Association, and the National Apartment Association. In addition, she is a Realtor and Member of the Houston Association of Realtors, Texas Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors.

She lives in Seabrook, is married to her wonderful husband-Aaron, is a Mom to 2-boys and 2-girls, 2-boy dogs and 1-boy cat. She is proud to have been a parrothead since 1981, loves boating, and spending time with her amazing family!

Aaron M. Nichols

Aaron has spent most of his career in government service before joining Shelley in the multi-family housing business. In 1992 Aaron enlisted in The U.S. Navy and served in The Navy Presidential Guard in Washington D.C.

After active duty and while serving in The Navy Reserve he worked for the National Guard youth challenge program as a team leader for at-risk youth and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection service as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer. He was recalled to active duty with The Navy and served his final deployment in Kuwait for Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004-2005.

After his return from the Middle East, Aaron re-joined the United States Customs and Border Protection service as a Federal law enforcement officer and spent time on the southern border in Laredo and later at the seaport in Houston Texas.

Currently, Aaron is responsible for operations with Banyan Equity Management, being the Husband to Shelley, and a Father to four wonderful children.

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